Biametrics GmbH

Biametrics GmbH is a successful spin-off company at the University of Tuebingen and serves as a service provider and know-how carrier at the interface of biotechnology / pharmaceutics, medical engineering and life science analysis.
The patented Biametrics technology includes label-free detection, surface chemistry and assay development for the time-resolved analysis of any kind of biomolecular interaction. For collaborations with market-leading companies Biametrics provides R&D services and licenses in the areas of IVD, life-science research, process control, and Homeland-Security.
Besides these development services, Biametrics can also act as a consultant for the series production of sensor elements on the basis of label-free technologies. Based on innovative label-free biosensor technology, Biametrics develops in cooperation with / for customers analytical system solutions in the areas of  
  • In-vitro diagnostics
  • Point of care (POC)
  • Animal care
  • And other life sciences.


Biametrics GmbH

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