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''Centre d'Immunologie Marseille Luminy''

We are a research group at the Centre d'Immunologie Marseille Luminy (CIML). The CIML, a mixed research unit of the French public research agencies CNRS and INSERM, was created in April 1976. It is located on the Mediterranean coast between Marseilles and Cassis, at the Parc Scientifique et Technologique de Luminy . Some 170 people work at the CIML, of which more than 100 are permenant research staff, post-doctoral researchers, or PhD students. There are currently 16 research groups. Major research topics include lymphocyte development and activation, phagocytosis, pathogen-host cell interactions, and programmed cell death. More detailed descriptions of the different research topics can be found in the Research Programs section of this website. Institute core facilities include Mouse Transgenesis, Cell Imaging and Flow Cytometry, Peptide Synthesis, and DNA Sequencing. Each facility is run by highly qualified technical staff. Research interest of the group: Macrophages are important mediators of various aspects of the immune response, ranging from functions in innate immunity and antigen presentation to the modulation of the adaptive immune response, in addition to functions in tissue regeneration and remodeling in development. We are interested in how the development of macrophages from multipotential hematopoietic progenitors is controlled. This question has direct relevance both for the deregulation of this process in human myeloid leukemias and the function of macrophages in normal and pathological processes. We are using yeast screens, biochemistry, mouse genetics, retroviral vectors and in vitro differentiation systems


''Centre d'Immunologie Marseille Luminy''
Parc Scientifique et Technologique de Luminy - Case 906
13009 Marseille
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