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Operon Biotechnologies GmbH

Operon Biotechnologies is recognized as one of the world leaders in custom-designed DNA oligo synthesis, plus the design and manufacture of Array Ready Oligo Sets. Operon Technologies Inc. was founded in 1986 and originally located in Alameda California. Operon Biotechnologies GmbH is one of four Operon Biotechnologies DNA oligo manufacturing facilities; two are located in the USA in Germantown, MD and Huntsville, Alabama and one in Japan (Tokyo). Operon Biotechnologies Inc. in the US defines the worldwide standards for production and Quality Assurance. Operon Biotechnologies GmbH was established in Cologne in October 2000, and serves the life science community world wide, with the exception of the USA, Canada, Japan, and Mexico. Operon Biotechnologies GmbH sells directly to the end customer in Germany, the UK, Ireland, France, the Benelux countries, and Switzerland and through a network of over 30 distributors in the other regions.
Operon Biotechnologies’s main product is service.
Our service consists of synthesis of oligo nucleotides according to customer’s specifications, packaging in the requested format and on request, oligo design using in-house bioinformatics expertise. We manufacture high quality oligo nucleotides using state-of-the-art DNA synthesis technology developed by Operon Technologies (now Operon Biotechnologies).
Quality is the key to our customer’s success. As a consequence, we have made quality the most important feature of our services and products. All our processes are fine tuned to deliver to the customer, the desired products, in time, and without compromising on the quality.
Besides custom-designed oligo nucleotides, Operon Biotechnologies also offers stock products, sets of high quality oligonucleotides, based on a 70mer strategy, covering the entire genome of a wide range of organisms. The excellent design and purity means that they are very well accepted for use in micro array experiments.
The production of high quality oligo nucleotides is facilitated by our choice of high quality reagent vendors, optimally designed synthesis robots, very well-characterized reaction conditions, and highly qualified and dedicated employees.
All scientists involved in research in the field of Life Sciences need high quality oligo nucleotides. To assure their success, Operon Biotechnologies supplies them with the tools for this purpose.


Operon Biotechnologies GmbH

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