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Universität Stuttgart

Institut für Systemdynamik, Abt. Systembiologie

The research area systems biology at the ISys deals with modeling, simulation, and experimental validation of models of biological systems. Here system theoretical methods which until now were mainly used in chemical and technical engineering are applied to biological models. These models are build upon molecular reaction networks. At the institute software tools for modeling and analysis of biological systems are available just like a biotechnological fermentation lab and image processing facility. The developed mathematical models cover a wide range of biological areas and organisms. Main research topics are catabolite repression and flux analysis in Escherichia coli and cytokine induced signaling in mammalian cells. Within all projects an intensive cooperation with biological experts take place involving the experimental validation of the models. Modeling of biological systems builds the basis for a holistic understanding of cells and multicellular organisms and for the design of complex biological systems. The growing research area systems biology / biosystems engineering is also intensively funded on an international level.


Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Systemdynamik, Abt. Systembiologie
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