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Hybrigenics Services is a leading provider of high-quality services to discover protein-protein and drug-protein interactions. We serve researchers from all over the world and are proud to work with the very best in basic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agronomical research.
The key services we offer are based on the most comprehensive yeast two-hybrid platform, ULTImate Y2H™, to discover novel protein interactions from any cell or tissue.
ULTImate YChemH™ is a target deconvolution technique dedicated to the identification of on/off- targets of small bioactive molecules to elucidate the mechanism of action and anticipate side-effects.
Hybribody™ is an animal free technique to select and validate synthetic single domains antibodies.
We enjoy an unparalleled scientific and technical recognition by our customers, with more than 480 publications in top-ranking journals based on the results we delivered.

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Mitarbeiter: 11-50

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Management & Business Development, Projektmanagement, Vertrieb

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Business development / Sales
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