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Welcome to the exciting world of LabCognition Analytical Software! We provide excellent services for spectroscopic and scientific data and knowledge management.
With more than ten years of successful spectroscopy software development and several long term, fruitful partnerships, we can help you solve your problems, too.
Customer support and satisfaction are our top priority!
We are achieving this aim with high product quality standards and reliable project realization for you.

Our mission We provide powerful software solutions to manage and evaluate analytical and spectroscopic data and related information.
Our products cover the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacology by combining mathematical and scientific approaches with computer science.

We develop high quality standard products or custom solutions to increase the efficiency of our customers in everyday work. A modern and modular software architecture guarantees the high flexibility and cost efficiency required to meet the individual working conditions and requirements of our customers. This allows us to directly address your needs and offer cost-effective standard and custom solutions.

Our engagement does not end with product purchase. We will accompany you in case of problems in handling the software or whenever there is a need for scientific discussion.

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In unserem Unternehmen arbeiten Mitarbeiter in diesen Arbeitsgebieten:
Automatisierungstechnik, Einkauf & Supply Chain Management, Hardware & Robotik, Informationstechnik, Kommunikationstechnik, Mess- und Regelungstechnik & Sensorik, Software Engineering & Programmierung

In unserem Unternehmen arbeiten Mitarbeiter mit den folgenden fachlichen Qualifikationsprofilen:
Chemie, Informatik, Mathematik, Softwareentwicklung


LabCognition, Analytical Software GmbH & Co. KG

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