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LenioBio GmbH is a biotechnology company specializing in protein expression solutions. LenioBio, which is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, was founded in 2016 by business veterans and experts in protein expression. In March 2018, LenioBio signed a license agreement with Dow AgroSciences to launch their proprietary cell-free protein expression technology under LenioBio’s brand ALiCE®. LenioBio is currently developing the technology further, innovating through intelligent design to harness the power of nature to accelerate synthetic biology. The history and features of the technology behind ALiCE® are described in the Technology section.
At LenioBio, everything we do begins with our Mission: to provide our customers with innovative solutions that address their toughest challenges – more easily, quickly, and efficiently than ever before. This deep commitment is at the core of our name, Lenio, which derives from the Latin “to ease, alleviate, make better”.
LenioBio – Applied nature for better science

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In unserem Unternehmen arbeiten Mitarbeiter in diesen Arbeitsgebieten:
Forschung & Entwicklung, Management & Business Development, Produktion, Projektmanagement, Qualitätsmanagement, Technische Assistenz, Technischer Service & Kundenservice, Training & Schulung

In unserem Unternehmen arbeiten Mitarbeiter mit den folgenden fachlichen Qualifikationsprofilen:
Biologie & Life Sciences, Chemie, Medizintechnik, Chemieingenieurwesen & Verfahrenstechnik, Biotechnologie, Humanmedizin


LenioBio GmbH

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