XENIOS is dedicated to translating medical need into pioneering therapies and devices together with caregivers and patients.

Novalung was formed back in 2003. In 2011, the Aachen-based medos AG was acquired by novalung with the aim of extending medos’ blood pump expertise and blood pump technology for use with lung therapies. Compared to other pumps, the pulsatile blood pump system offered by medos was ideal for this kind of use. This also enabled the company to expand its overall product spectrum to offer both lung and heart support. This makes sense anatomically, since coronary and pulmonary circulation are interrelated. Logically, therefore, products are based on a single technology and use the same platform. The first joint project that resulted is i-cor: syncronized cardiac assist for treatment of cardiogenic shock and circulatory support during cath lab interventions.

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