Cardior Pharmaceuticals GmbH

 Employees: 11-50
Cardior Pharmaceuticals GmbH, a successful, aspiring pharmaceutical development company and spin-off of the Hannover Medical School, focuses on the development of a novel class of noncoding RNA (ncRNA) therapeutics to revolutionize the treatment of patients with myocardial infarction and chronic heart failure. Its core innovation is a ncRNA-inhibitor controlling cardiac growth, autophagy and contractility of cardiomyocytes, thus restoring cardiac function. Cardior’s proprietary RNA technology is designed as the first curative approach for heart failure.Furthermore, Cardior has access to an extensive patent portfolio with highly promising candidates for heart failure therapy and companion diagnostic approaches.Cardior aims to market its products in collaboration with strategic pharma-partners after clinical validation.

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Value of employees: 11-50
Expansion: national

In our company employees are working in the following fields:
Clinical research, Management & Business Development, Other Activities, Patents & Licensing, Project Management, Quality Management, Regulatory affairs, Research & Development, Research Associate, Technical Assistance

In our company employees with these qualifications are welcome:
Pharmaceutics, Biology & Life Sciences, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Human Medicine, Healthcare & Public Health, Pharmaceutical Engineering


Cardior Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Feodor-Lynen-Str. 15
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