Employees: less than 10
CeMeT GmbH is an established service partner of universities and clinics in the field of microbiome analysis. Combining expertise in pre-analytics, sequencing, data analysis, microbiology and medicine, CeMeT offers microbiome analysis (16S and shotgun) to customers in research and industry. CeMeT was founded by three professors of the University Tübingen, Drs Ingo Autenrieth, Daniel Huson and Detlef Weigel (Scientific Advisory Board), in cooperation with CeGaT GmbH.
The founder of the Asklepios clinics has become an additional shareholder of CeMeT meaning that the company is now supported by a leading private opreator of hospitals and healthcare facilities. CeMeT combines the advantages of speed and flexibilty typical of a small company with all of the possibilities of a large clinical organization. The aim of this relationship is to better understand the influence of bacteria in human diseases.
Visit us at: http://www.cemet-gmbh.de/en/

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Value of employees: less than 10
Expansion: international

In our company employees are working in the following fields:
Clinical research, Consulting, Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse, Laboratory Management, Product Management, Product Specialist, Research & Development, Research Associate

In our company employees with these qualifications are welcome:
Biology & Life Sciences, Chemistry, Medical Engineering, Human Medicine



Nägelestraße 5
72076 Tübingen