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Continental® has been a recognized world leader in the development of aviation products. Our aircraft piston engine leadership stretches from the A-70 radial engine, which established a new level of smoothness and reliability, to the engines for the Voyager aircraft, which successfully circumnavigated the globe without refueling. Whenever breakthroughs were made, we were there. From the Piper® Cub to the setting of world altitude records for manned piston aircraft, Continental® has led the way. We were the first to introduce the horizontally opposed cylinder configuration to help increase aircraft speeds and the first to introduce both fuel injection and turbo-charging in general aviation aircraft. We delivered cutting edge technology with our Full Authority Electronic Controls (FADEC) and service system to piston powered general aviation aircraft. We also gain a competitive edge from our diversity.

Best of all we deliver all of this to you with a complete set of product choices at competitive prices. All delivered with exceptional quality, service, and value. We are Continental® and we’re proud to continue a rich tradition of excellence.

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In our company employees are working in the following fields:
Aerospace, Automation Technology, Construction & Design, Editorial Staff & Public Relations, Embedded Systems & Firmware, Hardware & Robotics, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Marketing, Administration & IT Support, Plant Construction, Product Specialist, Project Management, Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Regulatory affairs, Research & Development, Research Associate, Sales, Software Development & Programming, Technical Assistance, Technical Service & Customer Care, Web Design, UI & UX

In our company employees with these qualifications are welcome:
Computer Sciences, Material Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Business Informatics, Industrial Engineering, Data Science & Database, Computer Engineering, Network & System Administration, SAP, ERP, CRM, Software Engineering, Web Development & Webdesign



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