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IBA GmbH – Solutions for Life Sciences

For more than two decades IBA has provided innovative technologies for life sciences applications, including tools for cell selection & expansion, protein production & assays, and custom oligos & predefined DNA/RNA.

Product portfolio

Cell selection & expansion
Automated cell selection via TACS technology directly from whole blood is possible using IBA’s design awardwinning FABian® device. Customised protocols depending on the cell type, the sample volume, and the intended yield allow for convenient fully automatic cell isolation. Strep-tagged Fab fragments (Fab-Streps®) reversibly capture and release the target cells during the selection process. This delivers label-free, non-activated target cells in a standardized manner of highly reproducible quality. Isolated cells are suitable for all further immunological or cell biological investigations, including cell-based diagnostics or assays, e.g. pharmacological analysis of drug levels in the isolated cell fraction. As an alternative to FABian® we offer gravity flow columns for manual cell selection based on the same technology.
For T cell stimulation, we offer completely novel reversible reagents, the Streptamers® for cell expansion, which provide unique flexibility for cell research.

Protein production & assays
The Strep-tag® technology is IBA’s proprietary and versatile protein purification, detection, and immobilisation platform. It is one of the most widely used systems for affinity purification, providing exceptionally pure proteins.
Recently the third generation of the Strep-tag® system was launched, based on the new Strep-Tactin®XT and Twin-Strep-tag®. Strep-Tactin®XT is a further developed Strep-Tactin® with extra tight binding to Twin-Strep-tag®, which now enables Strep-tag® technology to be used in applications where extra tight binding is a equirement. With this feature, the third generation Strep-tag® technology now enters the field of assay development and screening, opening new possibilities in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector for, e.g. screening of new diagnostic targets and the development of diagnostic assays.

Custom oligos & predefined DNA/RNA
IBA’s nucleic acid division focuses on specialised nucleic acid custom services. The tailor-made DNA and RNA oligonucleotides, including modified and labelled nucleic acids, require particular care in synthesis and are of the highest quality. Applications can be found in e.g. real-time PCR, FRET, gene silencing studies, immobilisation, FCCS, or high-resolution microscopy. The innovative Click Chemistry enables additional dye combinations with unsurpassed labelling densities. More than 200 fluorescent labels and more than 80 modifications are available. With our expertise, we can also produce custom DNA and RNA aptamers according to your individual specifications.

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Founding year: 1993
Value of employees: 51-500
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