MD Anderson Cancer Center -
Experimental Radiation Oncology

 Houston, Texas, USA
 Employees: more than 10,000
MD Anderson Cancer Center is ranked number one in the U.S. for cancer care by U.S. News & World Report and also number one in the number of awarded grants from National Cancer Institute. It offers excellent cancer research training programs and unmatched scientific environment of the Texas Medical Center, the world’s largest medical center that contains over 50 biomedical institutions for basic and translational research, including MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas Health Science Center, Baylor College of Medicine, Center for Cell and Gene Therapy, Texas Heart Institute, and Rice University. The Texas Medical Center employs over 120,000 physicians, scientists, researchers and other advanced degree professionals in the life sciences. The Center has over 160,000 patients visits each day.

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Value of employees: more than 10,000
Expansion: international

In our company employees are working in the following fields:
Clinical research, Research & Development, Research & Education, Research Associate

In our company employees with these qualifications are welcome:
Biology & Life Sciences, Chemistry


MD Anderson Cancer Center
Experimental Radiation Oncology
6565 MD Anderson Blvd Z7.3024
Zayed Bldg. Rm Z7.3024 Unit #1052
77030 Houston, Texas, USA
United States