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Mercury Instruments Analytical Technologies was founded by Dr. Alfred Sauerer and Dr. Brigitte Inderst in 1997. From the early beginning with just one type of analyzer the diversity of mercury analyzers for different fields of applications grew over the years. Based in Karlsfeld/Munich (Germany), the company by now offers a range of mercury analyzers that is unique world-wide, establishing itself as a global leader in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art mercury monitors and analyzers.
Mercury Instruments is always giving top priority to develop, market and sell innovative instruments for mercury analysis at the highest technical level. Almost 20 years ago Mercury Instruments introduced the first mercury emissions monitor ever using a dry thermocatalytic converter thus avoiding use of chemical reagents.
One of our strong points is our line of production for customized solutions in almost every possible field of mercury analysis, ranging from natural gas industries and emissions monitoring to laboratory analysis in the sector of research, engineering and medical science. More than twenty years of experience in mercury analysis and our highly qualified staff will ensure that we can offer the right solution for your analytical demands.
Since the beginning Mercury Instruments has always used cutting-edge technology and kept its mercury analyzers up to date to meet the topical requirements of its users. The utilization of state-of-the-art technology ensures that our products meet highest quality standards. All our instruments - such as stack emission monitors, ambient air monitors or laboratory mercury analyzers - comply with applicable national, European and American standards and/or regulations.
On January 1rst, 2018 Mercury Instruments joined the Environnement S.A Group (ESA) through an acquisition process conducted by the French company Environnement S.A, a leading European supplier of environmental and process monitoring solutions. Environnement S.A, the leading European manufacturer of on-line environmental monitors whose headquarters are based in Poissy (France), has been a Public company since January 2006, listed on Euronext Growth. Founded in 1978, the Environnement S.A Group provides monitoring solutions in the fields of air quality, industrial process control and emission, engine gas, water quality and radionuclide. These solutions designed and produced throughout the different companies of the Group have been marketed since January 2018 under the protected trade mark ENVEA™.

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Founding year: 1997
Expansion: international

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Building, Supplies, Security Technology, Clinical research, Environmental Sciences & Technology, Manufacturing, Product Management, Research & Development, Technical Service & Customer Care

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Mercury Instruments GmbH Analytical Technologies

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