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Successful job ads by target group focus

Recruit executives and specialists purposefully in engineering, computer science, medicine and natural sciences with Germany’s best specialized job board. 94% of our customers recommend jobvector.*

Job ad optimization

Upon request, our team of experts optimizes your job title to address your target group in the best possible way, including: job title optimization, classification and quality control. Mobile Check: Our experts optimize your job ad for an ideal presentation on all devices from desktop to smartphone.

Employer Branding

Employer branding through logo, company branding, company profile & video. In addition, we present your company portrait in the context of our online career guide.

Increase reach with jobvector JobWalls

On request, we will present your job ads on jobvector free of charge via our JobWalls. Your job ads will be shown at more than 50 recruiting fairs, trade fairs and the jobvector career days. In addition, we distribute your job ads with the help our partner network and re-targeting.

Reboost & JobMail

Date update after half of the term and presentation of your job ad teaser in our JobMail to more than 45,000 applicants.

Live performance monitoring

Our Management Reports and Statistics enable you to review the performance of every individual job ad and keep track of it in real time.

Adjust your job ads during the term

If required, you can adjust and optimize your ads during the term by prior agreement.

Personal Consultation

Your individual account manager supports you in reaching your recruiting goals. Focused on the target group and taking into account your individual needs.
* independent studies „Deutschlands beste Jobportale”,
Focus Special „Gehalt und Karriere“,
Profilo Rating-Agentur „Jobbörsencheck“
Corporate Design Ads

job ad - Professional

  • 6 week term
  • Date update after half of the term.
  • Optimization of your job ads by our experts: target group specific, mobile & for search engines.
  • Increased reach through JobWalls, distribution via our partner network & re-targeting.
  • Employer branding through logo, company branding, company profile & video.
  • Personal consultation with your individual account manager.
  • Flex Format: Send us your ad in any format you want (PDF, HTML, Text & Graphics, Liquid Ad). We take care of providing your ad optimally.
  • Providing your job ad within one business day.

Recruit your target group with job ads on jobvector now!

job ad professional

job ad including your individual branding, duration 6 weeks

922,- €
plus VAT.

Job ad - text & logo

job ad with text layout and company logo, self entry, duration 6 weeks

699,- €
plus VAT.

Year job ad

Advertising space for one year incl.
refresh-options for your Professional Job Ad.

2999,- €
plus VAT.

TopJob Pole Position

Your teaser advertisement is shown on our main page and newsletter and holds the top position.
Duration: 1 week; Date subject to prior consultation.

444,- €
plus VAT.

TopJob Window

Your logo is displayed on the jobvector start page and is linked to your job advertisements.
Duration: 1 week; Date subject to prior consultation.

555,- €
plus VAT.