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Job ad - text & logo

Post the job ad yourself - quick and simple

  • Text layout and company logo
  • Input via jobvector-form
  • Run time of 6 weeks
  • Date reset after half of the run time
  • Email distribution via JobMail
  • Your personal consultant
  • Company Profile - standard
699,- €

plus VAT.
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job ad professional

with your individual branding & jobvector optimisation

  • Individual branding
  • Target-specific optimisation by experts
  • Technical optimisation: mobile & search engine incl. google for jobs
  • JobWalls at job fairs & recruiting events
  • Run time of 6 weeks
  • Date reset after half of the run time
  • 2x email distribution via JobMail
  • Your personal consultant
  • Company Profile - standard
922,- €

plus VAT.
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Targeted Job Ad

Job Ad with Targeting

  • Job Ad Professional
  • Job Boost
  • Social Media Boost
  • Targeted advertisement for your job Display Ads on e.g. Google, Bing / Social Media Ads on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram / Search ads on Google, Bing / jobvector-network with hunderts of partners
  • Generation of specific banner and advertising media
  • Optimization of your job advertisement by our specialist personnel
  • AI with precise targeting
  • Continuous optimization through real-time A / B testing
2999,- €

plus VAT.
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Boosteroptions can only be used in combination with jobads.

Job Boost

Your job advertisement as highlight in the jobvector search results

  • Target-specific distribution: target group-accurate & unerring
  • Automatic creation of your banner with your CI
  • Highlighting of your job advertisement in the jobvector search results
  • Highlighting of your job advertisement in the jobvector JobMail
  • Targeting by the jobvector AI
  • Duration: 1 week
555,- €

plus VAT.
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Social Media Boost

Your job advertisement in Social Media

  • Present your job advertisement beyond the active job search and reach also the latently searching talents
  • Distribution on leading social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
  • Creation of display ads in your corporate design by jobvector
  • AI mit precise targeting
  • Duration: 1 week
555,- €

plus VAT.
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Professional Job Ad - Optimisation

Reach engineers, IT specialists, physicians & scientists

Zielgruppen-spezifische Stellentitel-Optimierung

jobvector optimises your job ad for your target group specific candidate approach

  • Target-specific job ad title optimisation by our experts for search results lists
  • Subject-specific categorisation to address the matching target group
  • Mobile-Check: Our experts optimise your job ad for an ideal presentation on all devices from desktop to smartphone
  • Technical optimisation for search engines incl. Google for Jobs
  • Selection of suitable JobWalls at job fairs & recruiting events
  • Quality control by our experts
Professional Job Ad - Optimisation

Targeted Job Ad

How do targeted job campaigns work?

When talking about job ad targeting, it means targeting ads to the right applicants. This means that job ads are not displayed exclusively to active applicants, but also to other suitable and interested candidates. In order to address these 'passive seekers' or latently searching talents in a targeted way it is first necessary to define who exactly belongs to the right target group for the job profile.
jobvector's approach is based on the exact professional expertise of the potential candidates. The jobvector experts and the jobvector AI together ensure that the advertisements are targeted at interested specialists according to the required qualification profile. These potential candidates are then presented with automatically generated advertising formats in corporate design using various media. The job offer now appears on most of the websites that the respective candidate usually visits, in social media and many other touchpoints. The success of each format is taken into account for the real-time evaluation of the campaign (A/B testing).
Funktionsweise von Targeting Kampagnen

Where are the job ads posted? Where are they shown?

With the Targeted Job Ad, your job ad is placed on more than 90% of all websites by targeting and re-targeting. In addition, the target group is reached via various social media ad formats and search ads. Search ads are being displayed at the top of search results lists every time relevant keywords are used in search queries on Google & Co.
The Targeted Job Ad is optimised for Google for Jobs, which means that the ad will be preferred by the Google algorithm regarding results lists on job search. The jobvector AI selects partner websites for reposting of the job ad, eventually leading to maximized effectiveness of candidate targeting. With the Targeted Job Ad, you benefit from jobvector’s unique professional expertise in targeted job advertisement.
Targeting and Re-Targeting
The display advertisements in Targeting and Re-Targeting will be rolled out on 90% of all websites.

Make your job ads perform!


Successful job ads by target group focus

Recruit executives and specialists purposefully in engineering, computer science, medicine and natural sciences with Germany’s best specialized job board. 94% of our customers recommend jobvector.*

Job ad optimization

Upon request, our team of experts optimizes your job title to address your target group in the best possible way, including: job title optimization, classification and quality control. Mobile Check: Our experts optimize your job ad for an ideal presentation on all devices from desktop to smartphone.

Employer Branding

Employer branding through logo, company branding, company profile & video. In addition, we present your company portrait in the context of our online career guide.

Increase reach with jobvector JobWalls

On request, we will present your job ads on jobvector free of charge via our JobWalls. Your job ads will be shown at more than 50 recruiting fairs, trade fairs and the jobvector career days. In addition, we distribute your job ads with the help our partner network and re-targeting.

Live performance monitoring

Our Management Reports and Statistics enable you to review the performance of every individual job ad and keep track of it in real time.

Personal Consultation

Your individual account manager supports you in reaching your recruiting goals. Focused on the target group and taking into account your individual needs.
* independent studies „Deutschlands beste Jobportale”,
Focus Special „Gehalt und Karriere“,
Profilo Rating-Agentur „Jobbörsencheck“