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PhD Position - Characterization of Light-Activated Enzymes

Within the EU-funded project “Mechanism of Enzyme Rhodopsin Activation” (MERA) the following PhD position is available in the laboratory of Prof. Peter Hegemann (Hertie Professor for Neuroscience, Experimental Biophysics, Department of Biology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) (https://www.biologie.hu-berlin.de/de/gruppenseiten/expbp)
"Engineering and characterization of a light-activated enzymes"
The objective of the project is the computer-aided conversion of a rhodopsin-guanylyl-cyclase into a rhodopsin-phosphodiesterase (RhPDE) for down-regulation of the second messenger cGMP and/or cAMP using light. The ultimate outcome will be a detailed understanding of a novel class of sensory photoreceptors including knowledge of rhodopsin dynamics and the mechanism of enzyme activation. Hence, the MERA project will open new doors for light-controlled enzymology with broad optogenetic application in cell biology and the neurosciences. 
The successful candidate should hold a Master degree in Biophysics, Biochemistry, or Biology and should have experience in molecular biology and/or electrophysiology. She/he will receive a contract (65% E13 TV-L HU), as well as support with administrative matters, accommodation, visas etc. We invite highly qualified and motivated young scientists of any nationality to apply for the position in our interdisciplinary research group.
Please send your application as one single .pdf file with your name not later than August 15th 2016 to Dr. Wiebke Apel (wiebke.apel@hu-berlin.de)

How to apply:
please send application as single .pdf file with your name not later than August 15th to:
Kontakt für Bewerbungen
Dr. Wiebke Apel  (wiebke.apel@hu-berlin.de)

further information: 

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