PhD Position in Immune Cell Migration

We are a young and dynamic research group using immune cells as a model to discover the principles and molecular mechanisms of cell migration. For example, we recently identified a novel concept how fast migrating immune cells efficiently navigate through 3D microenvironments, such as the interstitium, by using their nucleus as a mechanical ruler (Renkawitz et al, Nature 2019). We interdisciplinary combine advanced live-cell microscopy, genetic-engineering (e.g. CRISPR), custom-made microenvironments (e.g. microfluidics), system-wide approaches (e.g. screening) and immune cell cultures (e.g. dendritic cells, macrophages & neutrophils).

Activities and responsibilities

In your PhD project you will identify novel mechanisms and pathways of cellular migration in 3D environments. You will establish screening approaches and image the spatiotemporal dynamics of cell migration in custom-made assays (see e.g. Renkawitz et al, Methods Cell Biol 2018) by fluorescent live cell imaging. As a cellular model, you will use immune cells, such as primary mouse dendritic cells and dendritic cells derived from immortalised HoxB8 hematopoietic precursors (Redecke et al, Nature Methods 2013). Thereby, your PhD project will provide an important contribution to the understanding of how immune cells navigate through 3D microenvironments to regulate immune responses in physiology and disease.

Qualification profile

Are you open-minded, self-driven, interested in science, and a team-player? Do you have a background in molecular biology, cell biology or immunology with experience in imaging, cell culture, or molecular approaches (cloning, CRISPR)? We are looking for a highly talented and motivated PhD student to join our team at the next possible date.


Our group is located in the modern building of the Biomedical Center Munich (BMC) of the LMU Munich and we provide an excellent environment, core facilities and supervision in a young, motivated team. The project is funded by the CRC914 “Trafficking of Immune Cells in Inflammation, Development and Disease”, with an integrated graduate school including regular workshops and seminars for PhD students.

Twitter: @renkawitzteam
Biomedical Center Munich:

Please send your application including a covering letter, CV, certificates and at least two reference contacts in one PDF to We are looking forward to your application!

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Prof. Dr. Jörg Renkawitz
Endowed Hofschneider Professor for Molecular Medicine
Biomedical Center Munich (BMC), Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München

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Über Renkawitz Lab, Biomedizinisches Centrum (BMC), LMU München