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PhD student in infection biology

 Arbeitsgruppe Dr. Johswich, Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie, Universität Würzburg  Würzburg
The Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology at the University of Wuerzburg
(group of Dr. Kay Johswich) is looking for a

PhD Student (TV-L 13, 65 %)

The PhD position is offered within a newly DFG funded Project „The Role of the Anaphylatoxin Receptors in Meningococcal Infection” and is funded for 3 years. The research focus of the group is on the interaction of Neisseria meningitidis with the complement system in the context of asymptomatic carriage in the upper respiratory tract as well as during invasive disease. This project aims to understand how the complement anaphylatoxins (C3a and C5a) and their known receptors (C5aR, C3aR, C5L2) contribute on the one hand to the pathophysiology of meningococcal sepsis and how they contribute on the other hand to host defense during asymptomatic carriage.
This project entails the use of novel transgenic mouse models which allow in vivo Neisseria meningitidis infection despite the human-specific tropism of these bacteria. To address the role of the individual anaphylatoxin receptors, these transgenic mice are used in combination with knockout strains as well as pharmacologic targeting. Different infection models will be employed for induction of sepsis versus carriage. Furthermore, work with primary cells of human and murine origin will be conducted as well as cell culture, molecular cloning and other standard techniques such as IF-microscopy, flow cytometry and ELISA.
As a PhD student, the suitable candidate will have the opportunity to become part of the graduate school GSLS (see: http://www.graduateschools.uni-wuerzburg.de/life_sciences), which is funded within the Excellence initiative of the German government.
Suitable candidates hold a master’s degree (or equivalent) in a life science subject and have a strong background in infection biology, ideally with hands-on experience in animal experimentation protocols. They should be interested in scientific projects addressing bacteria-host interaction and highly motivated, well organized and looking forward to work as part of a team. Equally qualified individuals with a severe disability will be hired preferentially.

Candidates are kindly asked to submit their full application including a CV, list of publications (if applicable), a description of their research interests and 2 letters of recommendation.
Please apply before September 15th, 2015 to:
Dr. rer. nat Kay Johswich,
Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie,
Josef-Schneider-Straße 2 / E1
97080 Würzburg
Email: kay.johswich@hygiene.uni-wuerzburg.de

How to apply:
Kontakt für Bewerbungen
Dr. rer. nat. Kay Johswich
Institut für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie
Josef-Schneider-Str. 2
97080 Würzburg
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