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Two Ph.D. Students to study Molecular cross-talk between the nervous system and the vasculature in zebrafish

The Angiogenesis Lab in the department of Cell and Developmental Biology (Director: Prof. dr. Ferdinand le Noble), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany is looking for:
Two PhD students (f/m)
To study the molecular cross-talk between the nervous system and the blood vasculature in the zebrafish.
The vasculature and the nervous system form complex, highly branched networks, which are frequently interdependent and functionally linked. Growing vessels, and neurons respond to similar sets of guidance cues and instructive factors. Vessels and nerves also often align, which can be mediated by nerve derived signals that act on vascular cells or conversely, the formation of nerve fibers along a preformed vascular template. Neurovascular interactions are indispensable for normal organ function and regenerative processes whereas compromised cross-talk contributes to neurodegenerative diseases. While neurovascular interactions are of critical importance in health and disease, the underlying mechanisms are not well characterized. Our projects aim at elucidating the molecular mechanisms controlling neuro-vascular cross talk. We are particularly interested in how nerves affect vascular patterning and angiocrine mechanisms controlling neuronal differentiation during embryogenesis and in pathology models. We use reverse genetic approaches in zebrafish, substantiated by state of the art imaging and biochemical analyses.
Applicants must be highly motivated and experienced in standard and advanced molecular biology approaches including CRISPR/Cas technology, confocal imaging and work with zebrafish. We offer the opportunity to work in a dynamic and highly motivated team of biologists and chemists. The projects are part of the DFG funded research group “Interactions at the Neurovascular Interface” which organizes retreats, workshops and research training sessions for image analysis, zebrafish genetics and disease models.
The positions will be available immediately. Funding will be provided for a period of three years. Please email your application as one pdf (CV, summary of research experience, two reference letters) before 30.06.2016 to phd.lenoble@kit.edu
More info at: https://zebio.zoo.kit.edu/360.php

How to apply:
Please email your application as one pdf (CV, summary of research experience, two reference letters) before 30.06.2016 to phd.lenoble@kit.edu

Bitte senden Sie Ihre E-Mail Bewerbung in einem PDF-Dokument (Lebenslauf, Zusammenfassung Ihrer Forschungserfahrungen, zwei Referenzschreiben) vor dem 30.06.2016 an: phd.lenoble@kit.edu
Kontakt für Bewerbungen
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Zoologisches Institut
Abteilung für Zell- und Entwicklungsbiologie
Frau Beate Meiswinkel
Gebäude 30.44
Fritz-Haber-Weg 2
76131 Karlsruhe

Tel : 0721 - 608 41671
Fax: 0721 - 608 41672
E-Mail: phd.lenoble@kit.edu
web: http://zebio.zoo.kit.edu
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