1 PhD position in Neurobiology / Cell biology / Imaging / Biochemistry

Institute for Biochemistry I, Head: Prof. Britta Qualmann,
Jena University Hospital-Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Nonnenplan 24, D07743 Jena, Germany

The aim of our internationally wellknown research team is to gain a molecular understanding of how the topologies and shapes of the plasma membrane, cellular compartments and entire cells that are required for their biological functions are brought about and how such membrane shaping processes contribute to development, plasticity and function of cells and cellular networks, such as those formed by neurons in the brain.
Please feel free to check out some examples of first‐author papers of PhD students in the lab for getting an overview over the topic and the methods we apply (Ahuja et al. 2007 Cell; Dharmalingam et al. 2009 J. Neurosci.; Koch et al. 2011 EMBO J.; Schwintzer et al. 2011 EMBO J.; Schneider et al. 2014 J. Cell Biol.; Hou et al. 2015 PLoS Biology; Seemann et al. 2017 eLIFE; Izadi et al. 2018 J. Cell Biol.; Hou et al. 2018. Dev. Cell).

Activities and responsibilities

PhD project (based on preliminary work and successful third party funding application by Dr. Maryam Izadi)
Support of teaching

The polar and extremely arborized morphologies that neurons develop are a prerequisite for signal processing in neuronal networks. Their development seems to be promoted by local Ca2+ signals and by actin filament formation. Actin nucleators represent prime targets for regulatory mechanisms, as F-actin assembly requires tight temporal and spatial control. Complex formation of actin cytoskeletal components with calmodulin repre­sents a mechanism for interconnecting signalling processes to structural organization and plasticity in neurons. By applying biochemical and cell biological approaches we aim for defining the role of calcium/calmodulin regulation of cytoskeletal components in particular of actin nucleator machineries (Review: Izadi M. et al. 2018) in neuronal morphology control.

Qualification profile

We seek for a productive addition to our team.
Applicants should have solid theoretical and practical knowledge of cell/neurobiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and/or imaging techniques. Candidates need to be distinguished by high motivation to succeed in science and by being kind, efficient and reliable team‐players able to integrate into our international team smoothly. Knowledge of the German language is not required because of the internationality of our group and of the lively university town of Jena. Fluent English, however, is a prerequisite.


PhD in internationally recognized institute
Project supervision and support (M. Izadi; M. M. Kessels; B. Qualmann)
Publications in decent and/or top journals of cell biology
Embedding in graduate programs (IZKF, JSMM)
further qualification possibilities
local, national and international collaborations
flexible working hours

Send application to

Please direct your complete application (cover letter, CV, certificates incl. grades and grading explanation, if necessary; list of publications honours etc., if any; 23 ref. addresses) to

Dr. Maryam Izadi Khaleghabadi
Institute of Biochemistry I,
Jena University Hospital ‐ Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Nonnenplan 2‐4, D‐07743 Jena, Germany

Please submit your application by E‐mail to
Maryam.khaleghabadi@med.uni-jena.de (PDFs strongly preferred)

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