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10 Postdoc Positions in the Life Sciences

Outstanding scientists now have the chance to apply for several postdoc positions in the CellNetworks research group of their choice.

The online application system will be open from 18 September to 18 October 2015.

 www.cellnetworks.uni-hd.de > Career

We provide a two year contract including salary and research costs. On top, the successful candidate receives his/her own budget of 10,000€ per year for travelling, meetings and special demands.

You may design your project of interest with one or two member labs.  
Applications are accepted from scientists after their doctoral degree (planned graduation until January 2016), but only if they have not yet worked as a scientist (PhD, postdoc, guest researcher) in the lab they apply for. The minimum requirement for an application is one first author publication.

Before starting the application, please select carefully the CellNetworks lab(s) you want to apply for. You can collaborate with up to two labs in your project, which also allows an interdisciplinary approach in your research. Please indicate the desired cooperation partner and which of the two will be your main lab.
All applicants must contact the project leader(s) prior to their application in order to present and discuss their project proposal. The project leader(s) will be asked to approve the application after closing the call on 18 October 2015.
To participate in the program, please make sure to discuss your project proposal with the potential project leader prior to your application.

To submit your application on the CellNetworks career page, it is necessary that you provide
•             the certificate of your last degree (Diploma, PhD or equivalent)
•             a list of publications
•             two references with addresses
•             your project proposal draft of 1-2 pages

If you would like to apply for an interdisciplinary project, please name the cooperation partner within the proposal.

Please note: To obtain your references, an automatically generated e-mail will be sent to the reference contacts you have given in your application. To avoid that request mails for your reference letters get lost, it might be helpful to inform your referees that they will receive a request e-mail. The sender will be: jobs-cellnetworks@bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de.

The Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks , centered on world-renowned Heidelberg University, unites more than 100 leading research groups from the faculties of Medicine, Bioscience and Natural Science, German Cancer Research Center, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies and the Central Institute for Mental Health, in one common objective: to explore complex networks within and beyond the cell, to describe functional interaction in unprecedented detail and truly understand how it all fits into place.
We focus on life-science with expertise from biology, medicine, physical chemistry, biophysics, material science and advanced computation.

How to apply:
Online through our application system on our webpage: http://www.cellnetworks.uni-hd.de/807456/Postdoc_Program_2015-2016
Kontakt für Bewerbungen
If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the CellNetworks Project Management Office cellnetworks@bioquant.uni-heidelberg.de or +49 (0) 6221-54 51201.

Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 267
D-69120 Heidelberg
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Cluster of Excellence Cellular Networks: From Molecular Mechanisms to Quantitative Understanding of Complex Functions

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