PhD position (Epigenetics & Gene Regulation): Embedding of small RNA pathways in phase-separated structures

10 PhD Positions in Molecular Biology, Biophysics and Bioinformatics

The IPP Mainz winter call 2018/2019 is open
The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz is a young research center with a clear focus on excellence, cooperating with research groups at Mainz University and its University Medical Center. The International PhD Programme on "Epigenetics, Gene Regulation & Genome Stability" coordinated at IMB has been generously funded by the Boehringer Ingelheim Foundation, a charity with a long tradition in promoting outstanding research in medicine, biology, chemistry and pharmaceutical science. Continuation of the very successful programme is guaranteed by IMB, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz and its University Medical Centre. We give talented and enthusiastic students the opportunity to undertake PhD research at the cutting edge of modern biology and related fields. Depending on the topic, also applications of physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists with interdisciplinary interests and experiences are welcome. 
Up to 10 fully funded positions can be filled in the fields of:

- Genome stability & DNA repair
- Epigenetics & Gene regulation
- Computational biology & omics
- Biophysics & Microscopy

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Ihre Aufgaben

In the field of Small RNA Biology in Germ Cells”, the research group of Prof. René Ketting offers the following PhD project:
Embedding of small RNA pathways in phase-separated structures

Many labs, including ours, have found that small RNA pathways are typically found in rather distinct sub-cellular structures, or granules. We now know that these granules represent so-called phase-separated entities. Phase-separation in general is a concept that has gained significantly in interest over the past years, and that is found in many cellular contexts. One of the key questions regarding this field of research is how such phase-separated structures can be regulated, since many pathologies have been linked to phase-separation processes that have gone out of control. Given that the small RNA pathways are so intimately connected to phase-separation, these pathways offer great opportunities for studying how phase-separation can be regulated, and how proteins can be sorted among different phase-separated structures. We have several projects running in our group that provide interesting leads into the study of phase-separation-control. These studies will start to make use of in vitro studies, in addition to the type of experiments that are already well-established in the lab, in order to tightly link our in vivo observations to biochemical properties of the proteins involved. Techniques that will be used are genetics, gene-editing by CRISPR-Cas9, protein expression and purification, molecular biology and microscopy. In-house collaborations, related to these projects, will be with Falk Butter (mass-spectrometry) and Edward Lemke (in vitro analysis of phase separation). The projects on this line of research will shed light on how small RNA pathways are organized at a sub-cellular level, and bring insights into how phase-separation can be effectively used and controlled in vivo.

Starting date: 1 March 2019 or later
Duration of stipend/salary: 3 years, with the possibility of extension

Deadline for registration (exclusively online via web form): 12 November 2018

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Ihr Qualifikationsprofil

Required qualifications
  • Master or Diploma
  • Motivation to solve complex scientific problems
  • Excellent communication skills
Further requirement:
  • 2 letters of reference

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We offer
  • The possibility to work on a cutting-edge project using state-of-the-art technology in a highly motivated research team
  • A stimulating, diverse and international research environment
  • Advanced training opportunities
  • Competitive remuneration

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