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Phd position in Biology / Biochemistry / Molecular Medicine

The Cardiovascular Physiology Institute of the Goethe-University (Medicine Faculty) headed by Prof. Ralf Brandes and Prof. Katrin Schröder is seeking for a
PhD candidate (TV-GU, E13 65%)
(Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine)

for a project focused on Epigenetic control of inflammation.

Understanding the fundamental mechanisms governing the inflammatory responses offers novel approaches to prevent and alter the course of inflammatory diseases. Gene expression is controlled by epigenetic mechanisms and thereby conserves the cellular identity and give rise to developmental processes. Altering epigenetic marks as histone methylation therefore is an innovative approach to deliver changes of the cellular phenotype, but the characterization of epigenetic regulators is just in its beginnings.

This PhD position focuses on the evaluation of a novel histone demethylase in response to inflammation, particularly in a vascular-specific context. Using a combination of in vivo mouse models, cell culture and state-of-the-art epigenetic screening methods like next-generation-sequencing we want to identify and characterize the role of this enzyme in inflammation.
The Vascular Research Centre offers a well-equipped working environment where talented, ambitious, self-motivated students will find an ideal environment to develop and pursue their personal scientific ideas. The PhD student will become a member of the graduate schools of Frankfurt University.

Candidates should hold a master’s degree in biology, or a related field with experience in molecular biology techniques. Applicants coming from abroad are also encouraged to apply. While knowledge of the German language is not mandatory, excellent written and spoken English skills are required.
Please submit your application containing C.V., photo, short description of research-experience and interests, and references by email to jobs@vrc.uni-frankfurt.de

How to apply:
Via Email to Dr. Pamela Finsterseifer: jobs@vrc.uni-frankfurt.de
Kontakt für Bewerbungen
Frau Dr. Pamela Finsterseifer
Vascular Research Centre
Theodor-Stern Kai 7
60590 Frankfurt
Tel.: 069-6301-6049
Email: jobs@vrc.uni-frankfurt.de
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