PhD positions

In the Department of Biochemistry of University Stuttgart (Germany) two doctoral positions are available.

Epicircuit - Design of synthetic epigenetic control loops in bacteria. Recently, we described the design of synthetic epigenetic switches that can capture transient environmental signals and store that information in bacterial cells in the form of DNA methylation patterns. In this project, the applicability of artificial epigenetic circuits should be improved and their switching characteristics better understood. Methods of synthetic biochemistry and quantitative dynamic modeling will be used to gain a mechanistic understanding of regulatory principles, information processing and epigenetic storage, increase their performance and complexity, and capture additional input signals.
Maier et al. (2017) Nat Commun. 8:15336
Maier & Jeltsch (2018) Methods Mol Biol. 1867:29-41.

SETD6 - Lysine methylation of non-histone proteins catalyzed by protein lysine methyl transferases (PKMTs) controls many different cellular processes. Preliminary studies in the laboratories of Prof. Albert Jeltsch (University of Stuttgart) and Dr. Dan Levy (Ben Gurion University, Israel) show that SETD6 PKMT methylates the transcription factor E2F1 at K117. A bioinformatic analysis showed that these proteins are mutated in many types of cancer and that both are highly relevant in prostate cancer. In this project, these processes are to be examined further in a cooperation between the two laboratories. The goals are to elucidate the molecular mechanism by which SETD6 regulates E2F1, to study the cellular effects of SETD6-mediated E2F1 methylation in prostate cancer, and to define the SETD6 methylome and identify new SETD6-interacting proteins and methylation substrates in prostate cancer cells.
Bröhm et al. (2019) J Mol Biol. 431(17):3068-3080
Kudithipudi et al. (2017) ACS Chem Biol. 12(4):958-968
Kudithipudi & Jeltsch (2016) Cell Chem Biol. 23(9):1049-1055

Activities and responsibilities

Work in the described research projects.

Qualification profile

M.Sc. in a related discipline.

We offer

Both positions will be filled first for 3 years at salary level TVLE13 (50%). We offer a scientifically active environment at the interface of Biochemistry, Molecular Epigenetics and Synthetic Biology, modern facilities and a good working atmosphere. We expect high engagement, excellent degrees and relevant experimental experiences.

Send application to

Applications should only be sent electronically with motivation letter, current credentials, contact addresses for references, CV and a compilation of the project-relevant experimental knowledge to Prof. Dr. Albert Jeltsch at

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