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Research assistant (target qualification: PhD)

At the Faculty of Biology, group of Prof. Dr. Thanbichler, offers a part-time position (50 % of regular working hours) to be filled as soon as possible. The contract is limited until 30.06.2020, if no former periods of qualification must be considered.
Research assistant
(target qualification: PhD)

The position is funded by the DFG Collaborative Research Center 987. Salary and benefits are according to a public service position in Germany (TV-H E 13).

The time limitation is adequate to reach the indicated qualification and complies with § 2, 1 WissZeitVG. Within the scope of the assigned duties it will offer the possibility of independent scientific research for further qualification.

The Thanbichler group investigates the Cell Biology of Bacterial Model Systems, with a focus on cyto-skeletal dynamics, cell division, chromosome segreation, and cell cycle regulation. The project offers an interesting and timely topic in a friendly and international team (for more information, please visit www.ThanbichlerLab.org). In addition, it provides the opportunity to become acquainted with a range of state-of-the art techniques in the fields of molecular microbiology, cell biology, and biochemistry.

The project studies signaling systems involved in cell cycle regulation and motility in the marine model bacterium Hyphomonas neptunium. H. neptunium is characterized by a unique dimorphic life cycle, in which a motile swarmer cell differentiates into a sessile stalked cell that subsequently produces new motile offspring through the formation of buds at the tip of a stalk-like cellular extension. This developmental program is governed by a complex two-component signaling network that integrates both in-tracellular and environmental cues. The aim of this project is to clarify the function of this network and, thus, understand basic principles of cellular organization and its modulation by environmental signals in bacteria. To this end, you will use a multi-pronged approach including the in vitro characterization of purified proteins, In-seq-based transcriptomics, mutational analysis, and live-cell fluorescence imaging.

Candidates need to have a MSc degree in biology, preferably with focus on microbiology, as well as expe-rience in all basic molecular biological methods. Expertise in protein biochemistry and transcriptome analysis and a good overview of the field of molecular microbiology would be an asset. Further require-ments are good English language skills, the ability to work in a structured and independent manner, high motivation, and enthusiasm about science and lab work.

We support women and strongly encourage them to apply. In areas where women are underrepresented, female applicants will be preferred in case of equal qualifications. Applicants with children are welcome – Philipps-University is certified as a family-friendly university. A reduction of working time is possible. Applicants with a disability as described in SGB IX (§ 2 Abs. 2, 3) will be preferred in case of equal qualifications. Application and interview costs can not be refunded.

How to apply:
Please send your application to tanja.fischer@biologie.uni-marburg.de, mentioning the registration number fb17-0024-wmz-2016. Deadline: 30.09.2016.
Kontakt für Bewerbungen
Please send your application to tanja.fischer@biologie.uni-marburg.de, mentioning the registration number fb17-0024-wmz-2016. Deadline: 30.09.2016.
Bitte beziehen Sie sich bei Ihrer Bewerbung auf jobvector und geben Sie die folgende Referenznummer an: fb17-0024-wmz-2016

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