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PhD position in plant genetics

A PhD position in plant genetics is available at the Chair of Genetics, Technische Universität München.
Topic: Ecophysiology of transgenic plants expressing an alien defence pathway
Background: Plants collectively synthesise a huge variety of secondary metabolites that constitute the arsenal of chemical defence. Often specific defence compounds are restricted to members of one plant family. Secondary biosynthesis branches off primary metabolism via signature enzymes. This link allows transgenic expression of specific pathways in any given plant thereby potentially increasing the plant’s defence repertoire. The task of the advertised position is to investigate the ecophysiology of transgenic expression of benzoxazinoids in Arabidopsis thaliana, defence compounds that are naturally present in many grasses including the crops maize and wheat. The analysis will comprise metabolomics (LC-MS, GC-MS, and specific analysis of phytohormones), RNAseq, biotic interaction (microbial pathogens and soil microbes, herbivores), abiotic interaction (cold/heat and drought/flooding stress), and herbicide tolerance. The impact of alien pathway expression on growth rate, leaf mass and seed yield under different growth conditions will be determined.
The position is associated with the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 924  "Molecular mechanisms regulating yield and yield stability in plants” of the German Research Foundation DFG (http://sfb924.wzw.tum.de). Training of the next generation of plant biologists in the use of post-genomics tools and methodologies for plant science research is in focus of SFB 924.
The Chair for Genetics (http://genetik.wzw.tum.de) is located at the Center of Life and Food Sciences Weihenstephan, Department for Plant Science and has a long reputation in maize molecular genetics and secondary metabolism. Research at the Plant Science Department (http://www.wzw.tum.de/index.php?id=204&L=1) covers virtually all aspects of plant biology, e.g. developmental biology, systems biology, plant pathology, plant genetics, plant breeding and provides a well-equipped and stimulating scientific environment.
The successful candidate should have a strong background in molecular biology, plant genetics and biochemistry.

The salary will be according to the German Public Service salary scale E 13 (65%). The position is immediately available.

Application documents including CV and contact information for references should be sent to Monika.Frey@wzw.tum.de.
How to apply:
Application documents including CV and contact information for references should be sent to Monika.Frey@wzw.tum.de.
Kontakt für Bewerbungen
Dr. Monika Frey
Lehrstuhl für Genetik
Technische Universität München
85354 Freising
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