PhD Position on: “Cellular signaling supporting adaptation to metabolic stress in glioblastoma”

We are offering a three years doctorate position (65%) in the field of cancer biology funded by DFG.
We are looking for a highly motivated and team-oriented student who has completed a Master degree in biology or a related field. Experiences especially in cell culture, cell transfection and Western blots, as well as molecular biology techniques are desirable.

The focus of our group is to elucidate how tumors adapt to metabolic stress. During the course of tumor development, tumor cells encounter conditions of metabolic stress, characterized by nutrients depletion and hypoxia. Some tumor cells are able to resist metabolic stress conditions and become more aggressive. It is therefore critical to identify the mechanisms supporting tumor adaptation to metabolic stress as it has the potential to uncover novel therapeutic targets.

The aim of the project is to characterize novel cellular signaling proteins supporting adaptation of glioblastoma to metabolic stress. The mechanisms allowing these candidate proteins to facilitate survival of glioblastoma cells will be determined using various molecular tools. The importance and relevance of these candidate proteins in glioblastoma will be further characterized using the appropriate cancer cell models and in vivo models. This project will involve a wide range of molecular and cellular biology techniques (cell culture, Western blot, immunofluorescence, siRNA transfection, lentiviral transduction, cell death assays, FACS, RNA isolation and qPCR,…). 

Bibliography: Leprivier et al., Cell, 2013; Ng, Leprivier et al., Cell Death and Diff 2012.

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