Doktorand/in (w/m/d) in der BIo-Analytischen Chemie (LC-MS/MS)

The Myocardial Infarction Research Group (Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Miriam Cortese-Krott), Medical Faculty, Heinrich Heine University is a well established, multidisciplinary and internationally recognized laboratory focused on understanding the role of nitric oxide in the cardiovascular system. Our peculiarity is to combine bioanalytical techniques with analysis of sophisticated transgenic animal models and clinical cohorts. The methods we apply range from analytical chemistry, classical biochemistry, in vivo pharmacology in transgenic mice to human studies. We are searching for a highly motivated

PhD-Student with Master in Analytical Chemistry (or similar qualification)

We are seeking outstanding graduate students with a degree in Analytical Chemistry Biochemistry, or Pharmacy. Candidates with experience in chromatography and/or mass spectrometry with high interest in Biochemistry, Biology and Physiology of the cardiovascular system are highly recommended to apply.

Activities and responsibilities

The project the successfull candidate will work on is entitled "Small molecules metabolomics in the cardiovascular system". Our research projects focus on novel aspects of the nitric oxide-mediated signalling pathways in physiology and pathophysiology. In particular we aim to indetify how nitric oxide metabolism may affect differentiation, functionality, and biology of red blood cells in the cardiovascular system.

Qualification profile

Successful candidates are flexible, skilled, hard worker and highly motivated individuals passionate for science and with interest in cardiovascular diseases. Candidates with practical experience in analytical chemistry (in particular mass spectrometry) and/or an excellent university curriculum will be preferred. Communication skills and a very good knowledge of scientific English are required.

We offer

Our group provides state-of the-art in vitro and in vivo techniques ranging from molecular analysis to patient studies, comprising analytical chemistry of small molecule by LC-MS/MS analysis, gas-phase chemiluminescence analysis of nitric oxide metabolites, molecular and cellular biology, biochemical analysis of enzymes, and creation of very peculiar tissue-specific transgenic animal models.

The successful applicants will work in an international team of highly motivated researchers and skilled technical assistants with background in chemistry, pharmacy, biology and medicine. We also offer excellent mentoring, training in goal-oriented scientific project management focussed on completion of a succesasfull PhD-Thesis and to publications. Moreover we offer concrete chances of working abroad during the PhD in collaborators' lab in USA and/or Europe.

Send application to

Please send applications including a cover letter, recent CV as well as at least one name of reference with contact details to Professor Dr.rer.nat Miriam M. Cortese-Krott (
Please indicete the referece number in your response.

We are happy to receive your application.

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