2KB Recruitment for Life Sciences

2KB is the recruitment agency for the life sciences. Our candidates work in: • research & development, diagnostics and production (lab employees at intermediate/higher vocational level and university level for research, diagnostics and production) • sales (e.g. account managers, sales managers, (after) sales support employees) • marketing (e.g. product managers, marketing managers, marketing assistents) • management (e.g. project managers, sales & marketing managers and general managers Our clients can generally be found in companies, institutions, hospitals and academic departments. They are active in the fields of: • human health diagnostics companies, biopharmaceutical companies, hospitals, institutions and academic institutions • agri-food food and plant breeding industry, institutions and academic institutions • general biotechnology companies, (academic) institutions which develop/apply life science technologies (combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening etc. (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics)) or which offer contract research/custom services, suppliers of life science labs (equipment and reagents) and companies in environmental biotechnology, fine chemicals and bioinformatics Finding the right job or the right candidate is not enough for us. We see to it that the ambitions and capacities of the candidate are in line with the desires and requirements of the client. Selecting candidates only by personal competences is not enough in this case. You need to know more about a candidate’s life science knowledge. Then it is necessary that our consultants have a good background in life sciences. Only with such a background they will be able to match the personal and life science competences of the candidate with the vacant position. The client expects from us that we have a good understanding of the position en the candidate expects from us that we match the wishes and ambitions with the vacancy. Knowledge of the life science domain and market is a must for our consultants. For tis reason 2KB only employs consultants who have extensive knowledge in life sciences. We consider this knowledge as our added value for both the customer and the candidate. Only with such a background our consultants will be able to achieve the perfect match for the client and the candidate.


2KB Recruitment for Life Sciences

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