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The ALCAT TestThe ALCAT Test is proven to be accurate in identifying the relevant foods and substances associated with the many types of chronic inflammatory and metabolic disorders by identifying food, mold and chemical sensitivities.By definition, "allergies" to foods are acute and the symptom onset is rapid, sometimes within moments. The biological cause is very well understood and because of the rapid symptom onset, testing is usually not necessary to identify the culprit. These reactions are not very common but if you think you have a "true" food allergy it is wise to visit an allergist for comprehensive testing and advice on precautions.More commonly, delayed adverse reactions to foods, additives and other chemicals are not really classical allergies and the delay of symptom onset and the multitude of possible pathogenic mechanisms involved render the identification of the offending food(s) or substance(s) to be much more complicated. Whereas approximately only 2-5% of the US pop. has a classical allergy to a food it is estimated that as many as 80-90% of the pop. has some form of adverse reaction to one or more foods or additives manifesting in a broad range of disorders; including, migraine headache, weight gain, fatigue, hyperactivity/ADD, arthritis, breathing and skin disorders, recurring ear infections in children, depression and various others.Standard allergy tests, such as skin testing, are not accurate for these type of reactions as they measure only a single mechanism, such as mast cell release of histamine or the presence in the blood of the IgE molecules associated with such release.The ALCAT Test is available in the United States as well as the U.K., Italy, Denmark, Israel, South Africa, Taiwan, Holland, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Germany, Ukraine, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and South America including Colombia, Venezuela and Chile.CSS The CompanyCell Science Systems, Ltd. Corp (CSS Ltd. Corp.) has acquired the assets of AMTL Corp., developers of the ALCAT Test. CSS will offer quality laboratory testing to physicians and patients using state of the art technology. CSS will continue to broaden the understanding of food & chemical related disorders through extensive international research projects and clinical trials.CSS has an extensive and growing product line and is backed by quality client service with nutritional consulting support.


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