Biotype Innovation GmbH

A company that stands for advances in biotechnology
Biotype Innovation was founded in 2015 and is dedicated to the development and distribution of molecular diagnostic products. The company is a joint venture between QIAGEN and Biotype Diagnostic. Both partners combine their knowledge and experience to facilitate the complex, efficient and fast verification of molecular targets for medical applications at this innovative biotechnology enterprise. The overall objective is to develop and commercialize diagnostic assays.

The tests are mainly used in healthcare for fast detection of infectious diseases, and in personalized medicine. Future fields of application for the technology are pharmaceutical research, the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the monitoring of food.

At our headquarter in Dresden-Hellerau, we are coordinating the development and distribution of molecular diagnostic products on the basis of multiplex PCR technologies for use in health care. We will continue to develop innovations commissioned by pharmaceutical enterprises, laboratories, hospitals and other clients.


Biotype Innovation GmbH

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