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BIRD Engineering B.V. was established on the 1st of April 1989 as an engineering company, providing knowledge of biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry and bioprocess engineering. BIRD Engineering B.V.’s mission was to form a bridge between scientific knowledge available at universities and the need for such knowledge on a commercial basis in the industry.
In 1994, BIRD started to offer recruitment services for specialized personnel in addition to its research and consultancy services. At that time, this service was limited to offering outsourcing of our own personnel to companies and universities. As of 1998, this service was enhanced by adding recruitment and our candidate database consisted of technicians; vocationally trained and on a polytechnic level, academics and PhD’s. Nowadays, BIRD is a well-established recruitment agency in the Life Science industry, serving national and international companies as well as institutions and universities on a regular basis.
Since the year 2000, BIRD Recruitment is a mature business activity of BIRD Engineering B.V. Our Recruitment team consists of two consultants/head hunters who have access to the excellent knowledge and network of our shareholders and advisors. For a description of these advisors, please view our Scientific Advisory Board.
BIRD Recruitment chose to retain a small-scale a personal approach. Our knowledge of the field and the quality of our services are the key to our success.


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