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Eurogentec S.A., part of Kaneka Corporation, is a leading global supplier of innovative reagents, kits, specialty products and custom services. Through its three inter-related business units (BU), the company provides high quality products to scientists involved in the life science, biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical markets. Eurogentec is fully ISO 9001, ISO 13485 certified, cGMP accredited by the Belgian Ministry of Health and approved by the US FDA for the commercial manufacturing of a biologic for the US market.

The Life Science Research BU is specialized in innovative solutions in Genomics and Proteomics. Expert in small and large-scale synthesis, Eurogentec proposes a wide range of reagents, kits and consumables for Life Science applications such as Custom Oligonucleotides, high performance PCR/qPCR Kits & Reagents (including high pure Diamond Taq® DNA Polymerases), catalogue dyes, peptides & antibodies. Eurogentec is also specialist in the design and synthesis of custom peptides and production of custom antibodies (including a 28-day Speedy protocol) as well as producing pre-dispensed assays in a GMP environment.

The In Vitro Diagnostics BU provides technical and project support for contract manufacturing of GMP oligonucleotides and Taq DNA polymerases for use in Molecular Diagnostic applications. As a certified ISO 13485 and GMP compliant manufacturer, our manufacturing processes take place in classified clean rooms with controlled processes and full traceability. Our production facilities in Belgium and US enable high quality materials for the in vitro Diagnostic community.

The GMP BioManufacturing BU is a full-service Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) and offers significant know-how in process development, technology transfer, formulation, scale-up and manufacturing of GMP proteins, protein conjugates, plasmids and bacterial vaccines for pre-clinical, clinical and commercial uses, all according to FDA and EMA requirements. Experts in microbial production (E. coli, P. pastoris, etc), Eurogentec offers various development strategies based on protein refolding, periplasmic expression, and protein expression by secretion. As a one-stop shop, Eurogentec provides a complete gene to injectable service offering.
History & Network Eurogentec was founded in 1985 as a spin-off from the University of Liège (Belgium) and its headquarters are located in the LIEGE Science Park. The company has subsidiaries in France, Germany, UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland and production facilities in Liège (BE) and San Diego (USA).
In 2009, Eurogentec acquired AnaSpec, a privately held proteomics company based in Fremont, California. Founded in 1993, AnaSpec is a leading provider of integrated proteomics solutions for life science research and diagnostics with expertise in peptides synthesis, labeled peptides and antibodies, fluorescent dyes and enzyme activity assays.



Eurogentec S.A.
Eurogentec Deutschland GmbH
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