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Our group 'Plant Cell Physiology' at the Department of Biosciences at the university of Frankfurt is involved in research on photosynthesis. We focus our work on the structure and function of proteins of the thylakoid membrane, in particular on those of higher plants and diatoms. Methods used include principal biochemical and spectroscopic methods, as well as molecular biology. The main topic at the moment is the elucidation of the molecular structure of several pigment-protein complexes using two dimensional crystals and electron crystallography as well as single particle analyses. Using single particle analyses, protein complexes as e.g. photosystem II can be visualised. Electron crystallography yields higher resolutions and is able to solve the molecular structure of proteins or protein complexes. Additionally we are interested in protein interactions, in the excitation energy transfer between pigments of the photosynthetic proteins and in the regulation of the light driven reactions of photosynthesis in diatoms. Teaching involves first year and third year courses plus lectures on plant physiology as well as advanced courses on topics related to our research (in future organised in Bachelor and Master courses)


Fachbereich Biowissenschaften, Universität Frankfurt
Botanisches Institut
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