IBA Dosimetry GmbH

Mission statement and company values

At IBA our mission is to Protect, Enhance and Save Lives

Triumphing over illness and recovering full health is the wish of each patient, the goal of every physician and the motivation for all researchers.
At IBA, we are a passionate team of professionals dedicated to developing leading-edge technologies to fight cancer, a disease that affects us all, either directly or indirectly.

In every initiative , decision or action we take, we are guided by strong values that are lived ... and wide throughout our company.

It takes more than innovation and R&D to deliver leading edge technology for the benefit of the patients. It requires passion and determination to challenge the traditional way of doing things.
Day after day, IBA dares developing new technologies and processes, pushing back the limits of science.
IBA shares ideas and know-how with its customers and partners as well as leading experts to develop and deliver adapted solutions to create better results for the benefit of the patient..

The will to care for patients and our attitude of fairness in the way we work lie at the very heart of IBA. It is the foundation upon which our company is built and the driving force behind our mission to protect, enhance and save lives


IBA Dosimetry GmbH

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