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MPI Neurobiology/ Dendrite Differentiation

We are a Junior Research Group at the MPI of Neurobiology within the Molecular Neurobiology Department.
Our research focus is on Dendrite differentiation. Dendrites collect the input signals for neurons, to which aim they form remarkably sophisticated structures. The morphological characteristics of neuronal dendrites, including the degree of branching and of elongation and the level of coverage of their target area, are crucial for the establishment of appropriate connectivity, sampling and computation of stimuli.

Our aim is to understand how the complex and cell-specific morphology of dendrites is achieved and how can it be modified after development is completed. To address these questions with genetic, molecular and cell biological tools we use Drosophila.
Currently, we are recruiting talented and motivated graduate students with a strong interest in Neurobiology/ Genetics/ Cell Biology.


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MPI Neurobiology/ Dendrite Differentiation
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