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The research institutes of the Max Planck Society perform basic research in the interest of the general public in the natural sciences, life sciences, social sciences, and the humanities. In particular, the Max Planck Society takes up new and innovative research areas that German universities are not in a position to accommodate or deal with adequately. These interdisciplinary research areas often do not fit into the university organization, or they require more funds for personnel and equipment than those available at universities. The variety of topics in the natural sciences and the humanities at Max Planck Institutes complement the work done at universities and other research facilities in important research fields. In certain areas, the institutes occupy key positions, while other institutes complement ongoing research. Moreover, some institutes perform service functions for research performed at universities by providing equipment and facilities to a wide range of scientists, such as telescopes, large-scale equipment, specialized libraries, and documentary resources.


  • Prof. Dr. Peter Gruss

Vice Presidents:

  • Prof. Dr. Herbert Jäckle
    Scientific Member and Director
    Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen
  • Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Stratmann
    Scientific Member and Director
    Max Planck Institute for Iron Research GmbH, Düsseldorf
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schön
    Scientific Member and Director
    Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Günter Stock
    President of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
  • Dr. Stefan Marcinowski
    Member of the Board, BASF SE

Secretary General:

  • Dr. Barbara Bluda


Max Planck Society

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