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Mission Oridis will set new standards in the efficacy of drug development by providing high-grade validated targets and optimized lead substances for chronic diseases of the liver and liver cancer. Our processes are designed to reduce target attrition rates in order to provide new and better drugs at lower costs. Oridis provides unique tissue-based research service for customers. Full access to the collection of 2.5 million fixed and over 25,000 frozen tissue samples gives Oridis opportunity for comparative analysis of non-diseased and diseased tissue RNA and protein with biochemical approaches as well as in situ. An automated tissue microarraying instrument enables representation of hundreds of tissues on a single slide for more comprehensive analysis in the context of less experimental variability. Research Services 1. Tissue- and cell-based characterization of diagnostic and therapeutic targets -Immunohistochemistry protocol development on frozen and paraffin embedded material -Target protein detection in normal and diseased human tissues with all antibody formats 2. Establish Medical Relevance -target validation -survey of human diseased tissues -cellular and subcellular localization of target expression by immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence -correlation of clinical and biological parameters 3. Cross-species studies -establish antibody staining in animal tissues -high quality tissue archive from most primate and rodent animal models -target expression profiling in customer-supplied experimental animal tissue ORIDIS BIOMED IS COORDINATING THE FP6 STREP RESEARCH PROGRAMME ''PONT'' -Parallel Optimization of New Technologies for the Post-Genomics Drug Discovery-. Visit the website at www.pont.at !


Oridis Biomed GmbH

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