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Physiologie der Mikroorganismen

Located in the centre of a cosmopolitan metropolitan region of over five million people, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) recruits students from home and abroad. It is a first-choice place for new experiences. Its people are open-minded, pragmatic, and geared to achievement.

The RUB stands for the continual improvement of the quality of research and teaching. We see both as closely integrated and provide high-quality basic training during the undergraduate phase and research driven in-depth training in the postgraduate phase. We aim to lead young scientists to early independence.

The RUB works to intensify co-operation both on and off the campus and encourages its students to acquire an international perspective by sending them abroad and by welcoming students and visiting scholars from abroad. We are constantly improving the working and study conditions for everyone – the RUB has its own childcare programmes for its staff.

Our vision and our ambition is to encourage the development of the responsible and committed mind.

Within the research group "Physiology of Microorganisms" we investigate the function of bacterial nd archaeal sensor proteins, the role of c-di-GMP in biofilm dispersal and the biosynthesis and assembly of phycobiliproteins. We use state of the art methodolgy in the field of molecuar biology and microbial biochemistry.


Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Physiologie der Mikroorganismen
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