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Research Department Interfacial Systems Chemistry

The Research Departments are an integrated part of the institutional Research Campus strategy of the Ruhr-University Bochum, to promote excellent research in a unique interdisciplinary approach enabling independence of scientist with flat hierarchies.

The Research Department Interfacial Systems Chemistry is one of the thematic priorities in the section Natural Sciences and Engineering. It is a joint and interdisciplinary approach of chemical and neighbouring disciplines to get a basic and systemic understanding of the structural and dynamic complexity of hierarchical structured assemblies at interfaces.

Several of the most important, but also less understood processes occur at interfaces. The Research Department aims to investigate these problems through interplay of synthetic chemistry, analytical and computational methods. Starting out from intermolecular interactions and aggregation of small molecules it is our vision, to achieve a general understanding of the evolution of chemical complexity. Projects in the Research Department lead up to the development of smart drug carriers, adaptive biosensors, and novel materials for energy conservation.


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Research Department Interfacial Systems Chemistry
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