Setaram Instrumentation

The first Choice for Challenging Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Applications 

For fifty years, Setaram Instrumentation (Caluire, France) has been the global supplier of solutions in thermal analysis and calorimetry, a domain of increasing importance for scientists in academic, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, oil and gas, nuclear, process safety and advanced materials. Setaram Instrumentation systems generate unique data from nano to macro thermal events. For research, development, manufacture and wear testing, these data give insight into material functionality and play a key role in the critical decision-making required for the efficient development and production of new materials

Setaram Instrumentation products are used for testing the corrosion, oxidation, degradation and ageing characteristics of hybrid materials, nanomaterials, metals, ceramics, and alloys. In the field of pharmaceutical research and development, our systems are widely used for polymorphism screening, crystallinity studies, solubility determination and kinetics, and testing stability as a function of temperature and humidity. Setaram Instrumentation has developed unique solutions to characterize nuclear waste by non destructive assay. In the field of process development in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, Setaram Instrumentation calorimeters and software offer a highly versatile tool to assess reaction risks.

The company has direct sales capability in the world's key markets (United States, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) and representation in China (Shanghai Office) and South East Asia (Singapore Office). The rest of the world is covered by an efficient distributor network, trained for sales, application support and field service.

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Setaram Instrumentation

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