Shenzhen Institutes of Adavanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences

As a branch of the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) in Southern China, the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT) was jointly established by Chinese Academy of Science and Shenzhen municipal government in Feb, 2006.

Knowledge-application oriented, SIAT set up its mission as: enhancing the innovative creation capability of modern equipment manufacturing and service industries in the region of Guangdong and Hongkong; promoting the development of emerging industries with self-owned Intellectual Property. SIAT aims to be: "first-class industry research institute"; "first-class talent development place" and "first-class enterprises incubator".

As a very young and dynamic institute, SIAT engages in comprehensive and multi-disciplinary researches in several divisions. SIAT is composed of "Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Integration Technology" (SIIT); "Institute of Biomedical and Health Engineering" (IBHE); "Institute of Advanced Computing and Digital Engineering" (IACDE); "Open technology platform"and "gineering center" In addition, it has one CAS key laboratory (Biomedical informatics and healthcare), two Shenzhen key laboratories (RF Circuit; Low-cost healthcare).

In its short history, SIAT has made significant achievements in human resource development, academic researches and commercializing technologies. The team of SIAT has dramatically grown up from 5 in March, 2006 to 550 at the end of 2008. Among the whole staffs, 142 of which are senior research scientists, including 25 research professors, 18 associate research professors, 60 assistant research professors and 8 visiting professors (8 IEEE fellows, 4 AIMBE fellows, one CAE academician,98 staffs with oversea studying/working experience). Seventeen young researchers joined SIAT through the CAS "undred Talents Project" Sponsored by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), P.R. China and CAS, SIAT is conducting the project of "he CAS/SAFEA International Partnership Program for Creative Teams, focusing on bio-medicine and healthcare engineering.

To meet national needs in healthcare and manufacturing, SIAT sets its orientation towards the emerging industries of “low-cost healthcare”, "service robot" "digital city" and "new energy", With regarding to industry cooperation, SIAT has established concrete partnership with more than 20 firms including Huawei, Midea, CIMC, etc, attracted over 20 million RMB investment from industries, and hatched 11 high-technology companies.

In a broad range of research areas, SIAT has established long-term international cooperation with foreign academic and research institutions, including National Information & Communication Technology (Australia), TRlabs (Canada), Hamburger University (Germany) and University of Southampton (UK).


Shenzhen Institutes of Adavanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences

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