Technical University of Denmark

DTU is a financially autonomous university with a Board of Governors as its highest authority.
The President of DTU is appointed by the Board of Governors and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the University.
The Board of Governors appoints the Provost and the University Director based on the recommendation of the President. The President appoints the remaining staff of the Executive Board.
The Executive Board includes the President, Provost, University Director, Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Student Affairs, and the Director of Private and Public Sectors Services.
DTU is managed in a line and staff organization with an unbroken chain of command in which managers have personal management responsibility for each organizational unit.
The University’s main activities are organized in line units: departments, centres and institutes; a national laboratory for sustainable energy; and subsidiaries when activities are appropriately organized using the arm's length principle.
Support activities are organized in staff units.


Technical University of Denmark

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