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Institut für Molekulare Immunologie

We are a basic research institution at Technische Universität München, based at the main campus of the Medical Faculty within the Klinikum rechts der Isar and at the science campus of Weihenstephan. The enormous plasticity of immune responses that ascertain health and tissue homeostasis but also defend us against infectious micro-organisms is not only generated by fixed programs within lymphoid cells but is determined to a large part by the non-immune tissues where immune responses take place. The focus of the Institute is on the clinically relevant questions how immune responses are controlled by local regulatory cues within peripheral organs and its consequences for tissue inflammation, persistence of pathogen infection, development of organ damage and cancer development. The research groups within the Institute of Molecular Immunology join forces to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that determine such local regulation of immune responses in non-lymphoid organ and to develop novel immune intervention strategies for diseases associated with chronic inflammation in particular therapeutic vaccination. We maintain a strong scientific link to the Institutes of Molecular Medicine and Experimental Immunology at the Universität Bonn.


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Institut für Molekulare Immunologie
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