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Complex networks of infrastructure and building systems form the backbone of the social and economic life of the 21st century. Urban life as we know it would not be possible without transportation networks, waterway networks, pipelines, electrical grids, hospitals, or airports. Additionally, modern dwellings and office buildings also resemble more and more complex systems with many different natural, physical, social, and cyber-physical elements that stand in complex interaction with each other.  
Because of the complex interactions between all these different natural, physcial, social and cyber-physical elements, engineering, constructing, and maintaining these infrastructure and building networks becomes a increasingly complex task. A task that not only requires knowledge about the underlying workings of each component (think of traffic flow, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, control algorithms, ....), but also a more holistic understanding of the interaction of the single components with each other.
In response to this challenge, the chair for Systems Engineering therefore offers a education and research program that explores methods and techniques to model complex systems. Based on a pragmatic view that the quality of a model should not be based upon how realistically it represents the system in reality, but how well it support design tasks during engineering, constructing, and maintaining, a specific focus of the work is on Dynamically Modeling system characteristics, compositions, and behaviors that vary on wide temporal and spatial scales representing both deterministic and stochastic properties of systems, as well as, time-varying behaviors.


TU Berlin - FG Systemtechnik baulicher Anlagen
Fachgebiet Systemtechnik baulicher Anlagen
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