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Life and Medical Science Institute, Development and Genetics

Focus of the Institute

The Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES) is a center of excellence for both basic research and higher education in life sciences and biomedicine at the University of Bonn. It provides a framework for cutting-edge multidisciplinary research and offers young scientists early independence and responsibility.
Major research areas of the LIMES Institute include Chemical Biology & Medicinal Chemistry, Development & Genetics, Molecular Cell & Immune Biology and Membrane Biology & Lipid Biochemistry. The LIMES research groups co-operate in a number of interdisciplinary research initiatives funded by the German Research Foundation DFG (Collaborative Research Centers SFBs 645, 704).
Furthermore, the LIMES groups have set up various teaching programs including the undergraduate study program Molecular biomedicine, the joint Summer School program Life Sciences & Culture Bonn with Harvard University and the Post Graduate Training Group GRK 804 . A novel International Graduate School Life & Medical Sciences will offer a combined M.Sc./PhD program from October 2008 onwards. Regular retreats, seminars and conferences, as well as a lively social agenda encourage the communication between the different LIMES groups and foster interdisciplinary research and teaching.


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Life and Medical Science Institute, Development and Genetics
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