Universität Freiburg, Graduiertenkolleg 1104

Institut für Biologie 1

The University of Freiburg offers an excellent and dynamic international life science environment with advanced facilities for systems biology, imaging, genomics and proteomics. The university has recently been selected as one of nine centers of Excellence in Germany. The city of Freiburg is located at the edge of the black forest next to France, Switzerland and the Alps and is known for its attractive recreational possibilities.


The graduate school “From Cells to Organs: Molecular Mechanisms of Organogenesis” (Graduiertenkolleg 1104, GRK 1104) is funded by the DFG and offers an innovative and interdisciplinary Ph.D. program with a thematic focus on developmental biology, biomedical sciences, cell differentiation and organogenesis. The participating research groups are located at the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital Freiburg and use animal model organisms to study the molecular mechanisms of organ development and diseases. The three-year program consists of seminars lectured and practical courses that complement the research work in one of the participating groups. It leads to a Ph.D./Dr. rer. nat in Biology. Currently 18 students participate in GRK 1104, about halve of them are international students. The program language is English.


Universität Freiburg, Graduiertenkolleg 1104
Institut für Biologie 1
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