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AG Ruppert

AG Ruppert 

The group „Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics“ is a core facility at the ZMBH, which provides both scientific and technical expertise and state-of-the art high-performance mass spectrometry service for all ZMBH members and the Heidelberg Life science campus. In addition, the group enables methods development, designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of researchers.

Aims and vision
Established procedures for protein identification, protein quantification and determination of posttranslational modifications allow the exploratory analysis of the protein content of cells and organisms and their temporal qualitative and quantitative changes that accompany development, reaction to environmental impacts and pathophysiological processes. We are currently setting up targeted proteomics strategies, such as multiple reaction monitoring, that will allow the quantitative analysis of known protein networks with high accuracy and high sensitivity. In addition, the conformation of proteins can be analyzed at the ZMBH using amide hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry. This technique allows the analysis of protein mechanics, protein-protein interaction interfaces and ligand-induced allosteric conformational changes.


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