Universität Oldenburg / Exzellenzcluster Hearing4all

Department für Neurowissenschaften

Cluster of Excellence:
Goal of the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all is literally improved hearing experience for all – all people, all situations, at all times. We are working on improving audiological diagnostics, and developing improved rehabilitative strategies based on that. Our work focusses on fundamental, model-based research for diagnostics and auditory profiling of human hearing, be it normal hearing or even severely impaired. Using a model-based approach enables us to individualize treatment of hearing loss with adequate hearing instruments, adapting to individual needs and to the acoustic environment.

The Laboratory:
Without complex processing in the brain, we would not be able to understand speech or isolate single sound sources from a noisy background. How are complicated signals coded for in the brain? Which neural mechanisms underly coding and processing? How do pathologies affect these mechanisms and consequently hearing? We are trying to answer some of these questions by working on animal models of auditory processing.



Universität Oldenburg / Exzellenzcluster Hearing4all
Department für Neurowissenschaften
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