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Biocenter - Institute for Developmental Biology

Research in our laboratory at the Institute for Developmental Biology is concerned with the genetic and molecular analyses of different processes of vertebrate development and physiology, including skin development and cutaneous wound healing, development of the hypothalamic-hypophyseal axis and energy homeostasis, bone development, muscle development and muscle dystrophy. As animal models, we use the zebrafish and, to a lower extent, the mouse. The Institute for Developmental Biology is located in the Cologne Biocenter in the center of Cologne, and offers an excellent scientific environment for the conducted research. In the last round of the German Excellence Initiative Competition, the University of Cologne has been awarded the status of a “University of Excellence”, with the Hammerschmidt research group as part of the funded Cluster of Excellence CECAD. In addition, we are part of the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (CMMC) and the Collaborative Research Center (SFB829) entitled “Molecular Mechanisms regulating skin homeostasis”, with over 20 participating research groups working on different aspects of non-mammalian, mouse or human skin development and disease.


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Biocenter - Institute for Developmental Biology
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